Making Plastic Injection Molds for Companies and Consumers

For 35 years, Quality Mold has designed and produced plastic injection molds for companies and consumers in the medical, automotive and retail industries. Plastic injection molds are designed, constructed and inspected on-site for both short and long term production runs. From quick turnaround prototyping to high cavitation tooling, our molds are always of the highest quality. Paired with expert precision — in every step — and timely deliveries, businesses who work with Quality Mold have an advantage that keeps them competitive in all markets.

Medical Industries


We specialize in designing and building plastic injection parts for medical equipment for health care organizations locally and across the country. Size is not an obstacle either. We have experience making molds for minuscule parts, larger pieces of machinery, and even prosthetics.

Automotive Industry


Through the decades, Quality Mold has gained experience creating molds that yield nearly every plastic part of an automobile. Our extensive molding experience lends itself to final mold products that are made to last even longer than the automobile the molded parts will be a part of.

Retail Industry

Consumer Goods

Whether you are a retail company looking to produce a new product or an individual searching for someone to make a mold for you to create a good independently, Quality Mold is ready to work with you. From flashlights to larger items, we have the experience to make it happen.

Products and Prototypes

In addition to building the molds, Quality Mold has the ability to produce plastic injection prototypes for clients to test molds and ensure that they are of the quality necessary for the desired production run. This optional service ensures that when the mold itself arrives at the final facility, it is ready to be put in a production run immediately, without any hiccups. When testing the molds for the medical, automotive, and consumer goods industries, Quality produces a wide range of prototypes that aptly showcase their broad abilities at the facility.

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