Quality Mold

Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing

Quality Mold can do plastic injection mold manufacturing for any size project, including both single and high-cavity mold design.
Plastic injection mold manufacturing

Plastic injection mold manufacturing for any size project in any sector.

Whether you need a prototype mold made or a high cavitation mold for extended production runs, our skilled craftsmen have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to exceed your mold fabrication expectations. Using top of the line machinery, we will bring your necessary mold from concept to the market on time every time.

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Our Mold Manufacturing Process

From solid steel, each piece of the mold is shaped according to the custom mold design. From there, the steel is hardened, and the crafting production continues to ensure perfect precision for your single or high cavitation mold.

Every piece by Quality Mold is engraved with mold and detail ID numbers so if you ever have a question it concern, our technicians can easily assess which piece is in question and provide you with assistance.

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