Quality Mold: Generations of Expertise

Founded in 1985,  Quality Mold is a privately held plastic injection mold manufacturing company operating in a 16,000-square-foot facility in southern Erie, Pennsylvania. We are conveniently located just a few miles from the intersection of Interstates I-90 and I-79. Quality Mold began as a small family-owned company 35 years ago, and today employs more than 30 trained professionals. In 2019 we doubled our manufacturing footprint while maintaining our private company values and structure. 

Specializing in medical and consumer products, Quality Mold produces everything from single cavity prototype tooling to high cavitation production molds. Our customer-first approach allows us to have fast turnaround time from mold design, build, and through sampling. Quality Mold also offers short-term production runs at our 8,000-square-foot sample center in Erie, Pa.

With our highly skilled team behind them, our customers experience punctual deliveries and high-quality molds that keep their businesses competitive in all markets. 

Quality Mold Facility in Erie, PA

About Quality Plastics 

Quality Plastics is registered ISO 9001:2015 and specializes in long and short production runs, prototyping, and mold debugging. 

Quality Mold utilizes Quality Plastics's machines and personnel to run plastic sampling tests on mold's. This is optional, done at the request of the customer.

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