Quality Mold

Unparalleled Quality

Quality Mold has been designing, producing and testing
plastic injection molds for companies and consumers for since 1985.

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Plastic Injection Molds Designed
and Produced in Erie, PA

Quality Mold produces everything from single cavity prototype tooling to high cavitation production molds. Our customer-first approach allows us to have fast turnaround time from mold design, build, and through sampling. We work with our customers from design approval through project completion.

Plastic Injection Molding Capabilties

From prototyping to production, Quality covers both long and short term runs
for single or high cavitation molds with quick turnaround time.


Our design team will turn your vision into a reality by designing the perfect mold for your planned production run. All you need to do is submit your conceptual drafts, and we’ll handle the rest.

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Plastic injection mold manufacturing is handled by our Quality Mold team, nearly all of whom have a decade or more of experience in the mold industry. Let us take you through the molding process.

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Quality is of the utmost importance in our work so the inspection of each and every mold that leaves our shop is handled with seriousness. We ensure the highest quality with our thorough inspection process.

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Quality Plastics

We offer optional sampling at Quality Plastics, our affiliate company in Erie, PA. With this, we can give yet another level of assurance that your mold will function properly and produce the best quality products.

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Products and Prototypes

Products & Prototypes

In addition to building molds, Quality Mold has the capabilities to produce plastic injection prototypes for clients to test molds with the quality necessary for desired production run. This optional service ensures when the mold arrives at the final facility, it’s ready to be put into a production run immediately.

When testing molds for medical, automotive, and consumer goods industries, Quality produces a wide range of prototypes which aptly showcase their broad abilities at the facility.



For over 35 years, Quality Mold has designed and produced plastic injection molds for companies and consumers in the medical, automotive and retail industries.

Plastic injection molds are designed, constructed and inspected on-site for both short and long term production runs. From quick turnaround prototyping to high cavitation tooling, our molds are always of the highest quality.

Paired with expert precision — in every step — and timely deliveries, businesses who work with Quality Mold have an advantage that keeps them competitive in all markets.